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Vale Stan Mussared

Stan Mussared of Waterview Heights died recently. For more than 35 years he played a pivotal role in the Clarence Valley conservation movement and was involved in a number of important environmental campaigns over that time.


The first of these was the Washpool campaign. A small group of dedicated people including Stan formed the Clarence Branch of the National Parks Association and campaigned to save the Washpool rainforest from logging. From all accounts it was a very tense battle from mid-1980 with conservationists on one side and sawmillers and timber workers on the other. This magnificent area was saved following the state government decision to create the Washpool National Park. 

In 1988 there was another major environmental threat – Daishowa’s proposal for a massive chemical pulp mill in the Clarence Valley.  Despite government and local council support for the mill, community opposition grew quickly. 


The Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition (CVCC) was formed to fight the proposal.  Members included Stan, the Washpool campaigners and many others. A campaign highlight – the March 1989 public meeting at South High – was attended by 1000 people.  Stan was a major speaker presenting the proposal’s economic and social costs at this meeting and others around the area. Months later Daishowa withdrew its proposal. People power had beaten Daishowa.

And then came the Regional Water Scheme proposal in the mid-nineties. Stan was a major CVCC campaigner in the attempt to prevent water being diverted from the Nymboida River to Coffs Harbour. Despite considerable community opposition, this proposal went ahead.

In addition to these campaigns, Stan’s leadership role in the CVCC’s advocacy for protection of the natural environment in our local area and beyond has been vital. 

He founded the ReWeavers’ Awards to honour the environmental work of individuals. He has spoken strongly for the environment in letters and articles in the local media, as well as in his membership of a range of local organisations and Council and Government committees.

Stan achieved a great deal as an advocate for the natural environment in his 88 years.

Leonie Blain