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Valley’s unions prepare for federal election

Capture   Clarence Valley Community Unions locally launched its participation in the Australia-wide Build a Better Future campaign last week. The event, held at the at South Grafton Ex-Servicemen’s Club, was addressed by Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon on “plans for the upcoming union-led federal election campaign”. A Clarence Valley Community Unions media release said the people who attended were “given a presentation on the … core issues that this campaign embraces”. “These are the issues that workers identified as keeping them up at night as they impacted directly on their work and family life. “Identified issues were: Job security and access to local jobs; Education – both funding full six years of Gonski and access to affordable TAFE and university courses; Health – cuts to funding and attacks on Medicare; Cuts to public and community services; If a secure retirement would be available; and, A fair go for everyone when it comes to payment of taxes, including large corporations. “Health cuts and continued loss of positions within Essential Energy were discussed. The community shared how these are just exacerbating the major job loss the Clarence Valley has suffered in the past few years. “The China free trade agreement and the impacts this would have on our local community were raised. “….Concerns were raised as to whether this agreement would add further pressure to our local economy. “It was noted that while these agreements provide for further opportunities it was imperative that local jobs and trades were protected further by additional safeguards being called for by various unions.” A debate between Page MP Kevin Hogan and the general president of Mining and Energy Division, CFMEU, has been organised – to discuss the free trade agreement – for Monday October 26 at South Grafton Ex-Servicemen’s Club at 6pm.