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Unauthorised advertising signage on Yamba Road

Businesses using outdoor advertising in the Clarence Valley have been reminded to check guidelines after a number of unauthorised signs had been erected in residential zones on Yamba Road. Clarence Valley general manager, Scott Greensill said there were restrictions on the type and size of advertising signs that could be used in residential areas. He said that under the Clarence Valley Local Environmental Plan 2011, business identification signs in residential zones must comply with the following criteria: (a) maximum size—0.75m2; (b) must not be illuminated; (c) only one sign per premises or, where there are two street frontages, only two signs per premises; (d) must be located wholly within property boundaries of the land to which the sign relates, or be flush mounted to the front fence or front wall of a building (so that the sign does not protrude beyond the physical limits of that fence or building). “Council will soon audit all unauthorised advertising signage in the area and will take action against any unauthorised signage found,” he said. “Any owners who are unsure about the permissibility of their advertising signage are encouraged to contact council to discuss their options with a duty planner. A duty planner is available at council’s Grafton office each morning from 8.30-11am or during those times on 6643 0200.”