Tree removal is a moral crime

Ed, I am deeply concerned about the four camphor laurel trees in McLachlan Park and I am writing to ask council to rescind the motion to remove them. The camphor laurel closest to Spar supermarket, whose life has been threatened by ideas to extend or make an exit from the public car park is… – a magnificent giant armchair to climbers & children. – a skin cancer deterrent . – an arrangement of shimmering leaves making music to our ears with every breath or breeze or gust of wind. – oxygen giving & air purifying. – one of four remaining of a row of trees that welcome & lead Maclean’s residents, visitors & out Scottish Procession into the town. These 4 trees… – are a joy to behold with their strength and sense of permanence. Their varying sculptural characters provide inspiration for the artists part of the mind. Their soft bark accommodates climbers (years of use is testified to by the smoothness worn into favorite adventure spots. The light casts forever changing dappling shadows giving folk options of the amounts of shade in which to escape the heat. They form a windbreak from the big winds that blow down the river. They provide street shade for parking. Bees & other animals can take refuge in their hollows. Camphor laurels… – provide safe shade for stock – are sought after by craftspeople – they have been beneficial ingredients for medicinal liniments – make safe kitchen chopping boards – they repel moths These 4 camphor laurels were planted as a colonnade during the era of the first Maclean Shire Council (before 1914, maybe 1888 or 1901?) for shade, after John McLachlan donated the land to the people for the park. They are heritage trees. It would be a moral crime to chop down this connection to the town’s past. Spend the money wisely on something that’s needed. Value the significance of these GRAND OLD TREASURED FRIENDS. Linda Elmir, Brooms Head