This is a “last chance” for Council

Ed, When I read that the fee for the recruitment firm to find a new GM for Council was to be $35,000 I was a little put out. But if they find the right candidate it is money well spent. However, from my own experience of “recruitment agencies” and the selection process, it is a highly unlikely outcome. To reduce the probability of a disaster can I suggest a variation to the normal procedure: (1) Allow the agency to do the advertising, and in conjunction with the Council selection panel, prepare the contract of engagement and the Key Performance Indicators for the position. (I would suggest that one of the KPI’s needs to be a significant and measurable improvement in staff morale, which is also a measure of the leadership skills of the GM.) (2) Given that Councillors generally have neither the qualifications nor the experience to sit on a selection or interview panel for a senior executive position, include on the panel along with two Councillors, two members of the Valley community who do have those attributes. There are many to choose from in the Clarence Valley and I would hazard a guess that they would be only too willing to participate. This is a “last chance” for Council and the people of the Clarence Valley. It is absolutely inevitable that unless there is a complete change in the culture of Council, and a reformation of its processes, then an Administrator will be appointed to do it for us. I for one, have very little confidence in a politically appointed “Administrator” whose first and only priority is pleasing a Minister with a short term politically expedient result to win another appointment……”a Consultant by any other name…..” Ian Saunders, Maclean