“There’s something in the water” at Grafton

It was great to welcome Ella, Skye and Michael Sear back to swimming this week along with a prospective new member, Georgia Wilcox.

Terry Barnes was also welcomed back, finally coming out of hibernation, not to swim but to help with time keeping.

“There’s something in the water” is an old expression but it certainly applied to several performances in the heats with several swimmers breaking their times in all three.

The 50m final saw four swimmers taking to the blocks namely Jenny Vickery, Tony Suel, Richard Sear and David Moon.

Jenny and Tony were first away, followed ten seconds later by Richard and David took chase after another fifteen seconds had elapsed.

David’s huge handicap didn’t bother him as he churned his way over the 50m distance, catching the opposition as they neared the finish and taking the win with a great time of 28.56 seconds. Richard, also swimming a good time was placed second and Tony, although recording a slightly slow time was placed third.

In the 30m freestyle final it was heartening to see our new girl Georgia on the blocks with Andrew Madden, Tony Suel and Terry Marsh.

On handicap, Georgia was away first followed by Tony, then Terry and last to take to the water was Andrew.

Georgia was extremely unlucky, crossing the line just a tad too fast, earning herself a disqualification. Terry was awarded the win with Andrew taking second place and Tony picked up his second third placing for the night.

The 30m B B & B final had four starters, namely Steve Donnelly, Skye Sear, John Wainwright and Natalie Durrington.

John and Natalie were out to prove a point in this event. Swimming beside each other they pushed themselves so hard that they both busted their times- John by .89 and Nat by .63.

Skye, coming in just .10 off her handicap time was awarded the win with Steve taking second place.

At the committee meeting held after the swim a decision was made regarding the club’s Christmas party. All financial members will be contacted regarding these arrangements.

Toni Ensbey