Coutts Crossing croquet

The club held a members’ meeting on Monday November 15 with numerous matters being decided.

No Christmas event this year as December is so crowded, but a ‘Welcome Back’ event in January.

Details of club tournaments and Pennants matches for 2022 were announced, as was Twilight croquet, Mondays from 4pm.


In GC play which followed, the star was Sheila Foley, very clear wins and the only hoop to hoop, a long one. Ann Williams and Pam Gauci were unbeaten, but the surprise was club champion Phil Jordan losing three, a rare occurrence.

On Tuesday 16 none of the Ricochet players managed a really good game. Rusty Case was the best with an 8-5 win over Sue Deeth and 6-5 over Gillian Martin. Louise Lowe hits some good hoops, but not consistently.

With several players injured or exhausted, AC was not played on Wednesday 17, giving the lawns and the players a rest.

Narelle and Terry Wright are back playing GC after many months in WA. Narelle was the star of the week, winning her first six games decisively, and including a hoop to hoop. Sheila Foley also had a long hoop to hoop, she is becoming a specialist at making long hoops. Yvonne Gillett got in on the act with a very long hoop to hoop while Joy Campbell made a superb long jump shot as she and Narelle overwhelmed Rambo and Peter Martin 7-2.

Get fit and get active post Covid. Join us every morning from 9am onwards, or for twilight games from 4pm on Mondays. Call 0438 999 204 for details.

Peter Martin