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The planets realign at Yamba Squash

ABOVE: Ryan Brown (l) and Barry Serjeant. Image: Contributed.
The planets have realigned in the Summer squash competition at Yamba Squash Centre. On both Monday and Wednesday nights the planet Saturn seems to be winning the race to the semis. Blake Wolfe and Allison Bennett are team Saturn and even though Blake has only had one loss Allison has won more matches than losing them. In Div 2 the Neptune team of Alok and Maureen O’Brien are leading the point score with the Venus team of Tiffany Hodson and a fill in player are coming a close second. There are still two weeks of competition left in the Monday night draw so things could change. Kash Robinson, Jack Skippen and Lauren Illig make up the winning Saturn team in the Wednesday night competition. Kash had his chances against Tony McFarlane but Tony did his best to shut those chances down and defeated Kash in four. The rest of the Saturn team all had wins. Second at this stage is the Mars team of Ryan Brown, Robert Hodson and Marc Chiaruttini had mixed results in their Wednesday competition. Mercury is sitting in third spot and Pluto need to pull their socks up if they want to make the semis. There is still plenty of time left for any team to make the semis with four weeks of competition left to play. Players need to check if they owe competition fees. These need to paid as soon as possible please. Barry Serjeant called in to challenge whoever at table tennis and to his joy Ryan Brown bravely stepped up to play. Barry was a winner and he was rather happy about it. Kane Hancock needs to make an appearance to show he’s not scared, as is being whispered around the centre. The footy tipping has a new leader. Yours truly scored the perfect round and an extra point and at this stage is leading on her own. Graeme Reeves also picked the round and it must be noted both that both tipsters are Sea Eagles supporters. Micky D is now in second spot but lets not get carried away as it’s only round five. Susan Pilley