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One of the artworks from the exhibition. Image: contributed

The Perils of Risky Driving art exhibition

The Perils of Risky Driving will be featured at an art exhibition by local mixed media artist Myra James, beginning late next week.

The exhibition is specifically designed for young and learner drivers to bring attention to road safety. Titled YOLO (You Only Live Once) Myra James uses impactful visual storytelling to show the risks associated with poor driving habits and distractions. 

Through many artistic mediums, the exhibition tackles themes like speeding, reckless behaviour, and the devastating consequences their choices can have on individuals and communities.

Mrs James said, “YOLO aims to spark crucial conversations about responsible driving behaviour, encouraging young people to make informed choices on the road. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals and groups to engage with the art and its powerful message”.

Brace yourself for a powerful artistic experience that will shift your perspective on the road.

YOLO: You Only Live Once, is a thought-provoking exhibition featuring over 50 captivating works. Don’t miss this impactful exhibition. Visit YOLO and choose to make every drive count.

The YOLO exhibition is in on at The Old Kirk at Yamba Museum.

The official opening is at 5.30 Friday February 23 and continues until March 24.