The mistake that will cost

Ed, When you make such a monumental mistake such as Premier and Deputy Premier Troy Gant made in abolishing ‘the poor man’s racing dog racing’ they must have forgotten all of the ramifications associated with it as far as our economy was concerned. I must say it had to fail from the outset because of its effects upon many people associated with the industry and people who have been associated with it for a long, long time… it was their LIFE. Out of touch, pigheaded know – it – alls who are only interested in the wealthy and their “hip pocket nerves” and multinational companies and what they can get out of them, deserve to fail. It is no good crying now abut the loss of votes in the Orange by-election, the damage has been done. We all know that there was many practices that shouldn’t have been carried out but they were. So I say pay the penalty for your stupidity gentlemen. As far as acquiring land to build super high schools at Wentworth Park, leave the land for use as it has been for over a century. Large high schools are not the solution. Bruce Apps, Townsend