Gun laws not being broken down

A most interesting letter from Charles Lincoln, (Guns – a national disgrace – CVI 26/10/16) but, as usual from the anti-gun lobby, so far wide of the mark it’s a wonder he didn’t run into South Solitary Island!
Gun laws, Mr Lincoln, are not being broken down, relaxed, softened or otherwise by the National Party or any other political party for that matter. If you want to experience just how tight the firearms legislation is, for lawful shooters/firearm owners here in NSW, I encourage you to take the necessary steps and apply for a shooters licence, if you haven’t already got one, and then judge for yourself if the legislation is being “watered-down”. As with all recreational firearms they can only be owned by licensed shooters, locked in the prescribed metal or hardwood gun cupboards and are regularly inspected by our already overworked local general-duties coppers whom, as we all know, could be better utilised working against the criminal element within our communities.
The five shot version is already here, and legal and, let’s not forget that lever action rifles have been in the country since the 1880’s. I suggest, Mr Lincoln, before you put pen to paper, be sure of your facts and perhaps, your time may be better served attacking our political masters for “breaking down the standards” whereby, those damned pipers from our National Award winning Maclean Pipe Band perhaps, are in breach of that Act of Proscription of 1746 whereby, pipes were classified as a weapon of war.
Roger Jones,