The demise of the Sandon

Ed, Why is the NSW National Parks being allowed to determine the demise of the Sandon Camping Grounds? Bureaucrats once again having too much say just because they are in a position to do so or is it just to use a situation for the purpose of having such a beautiful place just for the use and pleasure of their families. I have been going to this place for over 70 years and have experienced many good times going out to sea, catching plenty of fish, which I gave away, and even taking friends to the place to show them how beautiful it was. “A Slice of Gods Own Country,” which must remain for the use and benefit of everyone. Under no circumstances should the NSW National Parks and Wildlife have the control that it has over this village, as it should be left for the Clarence Valley Council to have complete control over the village for the purpose of tourism, as it is definitely a money spinner and along with Brooms Head and Woody Head must be left to be enjoyed by the people. “Hands off and let People Power rule.” I am afraid that the NSW NP&W is asking for trouble plus, all politicians should remember that it is an election year and this is the way that the National Party has of repaying its long time voters for their support of their Party. Bruce Apps, Townsend