Super Depot a super secret?

Ed, Clarence Valley Councils concept of “community consultation” appears to be somewhat at odds with pretty much the rest of the western world. Telling the constituency what you intend to do is not generally thought of as “community consultation”, particularly when you do that after the event. It actually means asking the community for their opinions, input, and acceptance of a proposal. However, that said, the “community consultation” process for the Super Depot in Grafton seems to have now gone to the tender stage soon after the customary rubber stamping of the Regional Planning Committee. It’s very difficult for the community to make informed comment and judgement when they are not privy to any information apart from some drawings of the completed construction. Given that the State Government has made public the business case for the major infrastructure projects proposed for Sydney one wonders why Council persists in hiding the information needed for informed judgement under the cloak of “commercial and in confidence”, not only from the ratepayers but from the elected Councillors as well. What is there to be afraid of? Ian Saunders, Maclean