Summer Futsal fast approaching in the Clarence Valley

Participants from three years old to seniors will be able to experience the fun fast-paced action of Futsal.

Futsal is the cool modern version of indoor soccer; it’s a five-a-side game, being a goalkeeper and four outfield players, plus a couple of subs if applicable. The ball is designed to have significantly low bounce and therefore it stays on the ground more often, facilitating hugely the skills development of players who can have more touches on the ball, the fact the court is smaller than a soccer field adds an extra pressure, so the players can benefit from quick thinking and decision making for the solution of game problems that are presented during a match. It is the ideal environment to produce excellent fun and fitness for children and adults.

Futsal has grown exponentially over the past few years in the Clarence Valley with the number of players more than trebling among both junior and senior programs. If you would like to take part on this year’s Summer Futsal competitions and programs in Grafton or Maclean, please call Renan Fenerich (regional development officer & head coach) for North Coast Futsal on 0488 288 813.

A sign on day will also be held in Maclean on Tuesday September 10 from 4-6pm at the Maclean Indoor Sports Centre and in Grafton on Wednesday September 11 from 4-6pm at the Grafton Sports Centre.

Players are also able to register online at:

Renan Fenerich