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Summer Comps – Raymond Laurie Sports Centre

On Tuesday’s the senior basketball is played. In the woman comp Teaghan Flick and Mishika Randall, with their brilliant shooting, helped Maclean Variety Meats win the game by a fast layup right on the buzzer, against Yamba Shores Tavern. The second woman game found Yamba Bowling Club’s Sarah Daley and Audrey Harradine, helping take a convincing win over the Watkins. In the mens, Bean Scene, were on fire with Lloyd and Jackson’s fantastic layups, helping to take the win over Raymond Laurie Sport Centre. Binge and Bannerman Plumbing went down in a close game against Maclean Variety Meats, with Ben Webster and Bill Bolte defending great all game. Yamba Bowling Club’s Matty Neeson and Matty Headon made some extraordinary layups helping to take the win over LJ Hooker. Wednesday’s at 5pm table tennis and badminton are played. The numbers are increasing with invites for more players to join. Thursday the Raymond Laurie Sports Centre’s strong netball competition is played. First game was played between Sam’s and Jo’s team. Sam’s came out on top with Sarah and Jenna having a great game. Bench Warmer’s Jess, Ella and Katie all defended well helping to take the win over Jess’ team. In the next game Broken ran away with the win against Hayley’s team, with Philippa and Tash shooting fantastic. There are one or two teams looking for a couple more players, so if anyone is keen to play in an indoor netball team contact us on 6646 8822. Friday morning sees RC car racing. This week Paul, Rick and Terry were great competitors, taking the corners fast and with accuracy! Friday afternoons, Raymond Laurie Sports Centre has junior basketball games. In the first game Jessie and Harvey displayed some great dribbling and passes. In the next game Hudson, Stella and Fallon performed some fantastic layups taking the win for L J Hooker. Next game saw Moby Dick take the win against the talented Maclean Variety Meats team, with Yasi and Tully on fire. In the year 5/6 games Bayden, Iris and Isaac played exceptional, putting up some great layups. All competitions at the Raymond Laurie are running smoothly with invites to join in with any of the activities and sporting competitions.