Such a constructive meeting


Thanks to the Clarence Valley Independence for last week’s front-page coverage of Sunday’s Get Ready- Flood Awareness and Resilience Meeting in the Yamba Golf and Country Club auditorium.

Thanks also to Yamba CAN and Valley Watch who co-hosted the meeting at which the keynote speaker was Ms Sue Higginson MLC, Chairperson of the current NSW Parliamentary inquiry into the planning system impacts of climate change on the environment and communities. 

The address by Ms Higginson to the packed auditorium was most impressive. Ms Higginson stressed that the best way to persuade politicians to change direction so that we don’t end up where we are heading is for a large number of people to peacefully assemble together. Being part of a group people helps build the resilience required to ensure laws are changed to better protect ones families, ones homes and the environment on which we depend.

People power is the way to show those we voted for that the community don’t like to be treated like mugs and that climate pollution will continue to increase with resultant more frequent and severe flooding. Who benefits from floodplain housing developments that end up being genuine “bottom-of-the-harbour schemes?” Certainly not those whose homes were flooded in 2022.

There were a number of people who provided very valuable information at this important meeting. But what a shame that, other than Deputy-Mayor Jeff Smith and Cr. Greg Clancy, no other Clarence Valley councillors were able to attend such a constructive meeting. The Mayor was unable to attend due to sickness.

Thanks for the valuable contribution from all other participants and to the two councillors who made sure they attended such a useful community meeting.

Harry Johnson, Iluka