L-R Val Marsh (Ocean Shores), Pat Harris (Maclean), Peg James (Grafton) and Heather Purtell (Grafton).

Successful 2019 Northern Rivers Tournament

Maclean lady golfers last week hosted a very successful 2019 Northern Rivers three day tournament. Congratulations go to captain Nancy and all the committee and members of Maclean Ladies Golf who all worked so well together to enable the competition to run very smoothly.

Our thanks go to NR President Robyn and her committee members Jan and Betty who did a great job of organising this event for all the clubs in the Northern Rivers.

Although the early mornings were a little chilly the weather was fantastic and some ladies played great golf.  Jackie Bratti (Casino) was the WGNR Open Champion with a 36 hole total of 168.  Jackie is a great golfer who has won this championship a number of times and is a very deserving winner. The r/up in the Open Championship was Darrie Nighingale (Yamba) who had a 36 hole total of 173.

The Div 2 Open Champion was Chris Forrester (Maclean) with a 36 hole total of 181 and the r/up was Kath Deverex (Tenterfield) with a total of 183. In Div 3 Bev Ensbey (Maclean) was the Open Championship winner and Cathie Parker (Maclean) was the r/up.

The Champion of Champions winner was Ashlie Woolridge (Lismore) who had a very impressive 81 off the stick. The r/up was Jodie Rockcliffe (Coolangatta/Tweed Heads).

The Div 1 36 hole nett was won by Pat Harris (Maclean) and Val Marsh (Ocean Shores) was the r/up. Div 2 36 hole nett was won by Amanda Barwick (Maclean) and Tina Hogg (Maclean) was the r/up.  Div 3 36 hole nett was won by Liama Hunter (Maclean) and r/up was Helen Graney (Maclean).

Div 1 winner on Monday was gross, Kim Wiblen (Maclean) and nett, Sandy Mayoh (Iluka). Div 2 winner on Monday was gross, Tracey Read (Redlands Bay) and nett, Chris Picton (Maclean). Div 3 winner Monday Stableford was Sally Welsh (Coolangatta/Tweed).

Div 1 winner on Tuesday was gross, Ashlie Woolridge (Lismore) and nett, Jodie Rockcliffe (Coolangatta/Tweed). Div 2 gross, Linda Dean (Casino) and nett, Kate Apps (Maclean). Div 3 Stableford winner Elaine (Coolangatta/Tweed).

On Wednesday the 18 hole Foursomes Championship was won by Sheree Forsythe and Chris Forrester (Maclean). The nett winners were Amanda Barwick and Chris Picton and the 18 hole gross winners were Pat Harris and Cathy Ayres. Nett winners Darrie Nightingale and Paula O’Keeffe and r/up Sue Fong Kee and Bev Ensbey.

Div 2 Foursomes gross winners Jenny Ballinger and Rosalie Nachmann (Coolangatta/Tweed). Nett winners Cathie Parker and Sandra Youlten (Maclean). 

Maclean also won both the 3 person and 4 person teams events held on Monday and Tuesday.

There were also prizes for NTPs on both days and we congratulate all winners and take the opportunity to thanks everyone who came to Maclean and made this such a great event.

Cathy Ayres

CAPTIONS – Images: Lynne Mowbray

Teeing off on the 18th during the Women’s Northern Rivers Golf Tournament at Maclean Golf Club, last week.
Sue Fong Kee of Maclean tees off on the first.
Champion of Champions Ashlee Woolridge of Lismore tees off on the first.
Putting out on the 18th was Darrie Nightingale of Yamba.
Jeannie Doolan of Yamba tees off on the first, during the Women’s Northern Rivers Golf Tournament at Maclean Golf Club, last Tuesday.