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The crowd loved Will Smith’s rendition of ‘Am I ever gonna See …’ Images: Lynne Mowbray

Students showcase their musical talents

Lynne Mowbray | A large crowd gathered at Maclean High School hall on Tuesday night of last week to support the Year 12 Music students, as they showcased their talents. Head teacher C.A.P.A. Matt Fisher said that this was the last opportunity for the 20 students to perform their polished pieces, before sitting for the HSC. “This is the largest group of Year 12 Music students that the school has ever had,” Mr Fisher said. Some of the students shared with The Independent what music means to them: Alyssa Castle – “Music here at Maclean High School has helped me learn so much more about performing from year 7 to 12 and has been such an amazing experience.” Lauren Essex – “Music has always been a way to express myself and being able to study it in year 11 and 12 has been amazing with the help of our incredible teachers.” Saskia Ramsey – “I’ve grown up with music my whole life, so being able to study it as a subject at school is such a blessing. The teachers are amazing and have helped me find myself as a musician and have carried me through my music HSC.” Rani Koolloos – “Music is everything to me and I thoroughly enjoy working with such an amazing ensemble and learning new things every day from so many great people.” If Tuesday evening’s performance was anything to by, the students should enter into the HSC with confidence.
Alyssa Castle sings ‘Travelling Soldier’, accompanied by Saskia Ramsey.
Billy Dolan performing ‘Master Blaster’.
Rani Koolloos sings ‘When we were Young’.
Saskia Ramsey performs ‘Nakamarra’
Kayli Ohlmus performing ‘Party Favour’.
Lauren Essex opened the evening with her solo “God Bless the Child’.