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Street parade for hillclimbers

Life member Dick Willis at the wheel of his historic Nota Major.  Pic: Miranda Norton
Life member Dick Willis at the wheel of his historic Nota Major.
Pic: Miranda Norton
  Whilst not a big field for our last outing in September, competitors did get value for money having a total of six competitive runs for the day’s completion. This kept most drivers on their toes to keep up with the speed of the final Hillclimb for the year at Mountain View. This is not the final event for the club as our karts will take to the track in October. The North Coast Road Racers will also test their skills during October at Mountain View. The club will be having a party and street parade to celebrate our 60th Birthday. Our party will be at the South Grafton Ex-Servicemen’s club on Saturday night 31st October. Our Street parade on Sunday 1st November will be from the Pound Street car park to Mountain View and be well worth a look at 10am Results Some of the winners included: Class 1 – Road Registered 0-2000cc – 1st Roger Owen, Suzuki Swift, 58.76. Class 2 – Road Registered over 2001cc – 1st Jody Aboitiz, Toyota Camry, 59.23. Class 3 – Road Registered limited mods – 1st Mark Owen, Honda CRX, 54.06, 2nd Greg Slade, Mitsubishi Lancer, 54.68. Class 5 – 3J Club cars 0-2000cc – 1st Bill Heuchmer, Toyota Corolla, 51.89, 2nd Zac Heuchmer, Toyota Corolla, 53.26, 3rd Brock Wilson, Toyota MR2, 54.75. Class 6 – 3J club cars over 2001cc – 1st Simon McDonald, Holden Commodore, 51.48, 2nd Peter Hillery, Nissan Skyline, 54.59, 3rd Karl Hughes, Holden Commodore, 54.70. Class 8 – Sports Sedans over 2001cc – 1st Garry Ford, Ford Escort, 48.27, 2nd place Rodney Bryant, VW Beetle, 51.28, 3rd place Nick Contojohn, Subaru WRX, 51.86. Class 9 – Formula Libre 0-2000cc – 1st place Miles Hoare, Formula Renault, 47.57, 2nd place Daryl Watt, Westfield Clubman, 48.64, 3rd place Peter Howard, Westfield Clubman, 53.65. Class 12 – Special vehicles – 1st place Ryan Gorton, Nissan Skyline, 52.28, 2nd place Karen Gorton, Nissan Skyline, 52.48, 3rd place Trevor Herne, Mitsubishi EVO, 52.66. Outright for the day was a battle between open wheelers, tin tops sedans and sports cars. Miles Hoare in his Formula Renault was victorious over Garry Ford in his Ford Escort V8 and Daryl Watt in his Westfield clubman. The wishes to thank all our supporters, competitors and especially our volunteers for their efforts during the year and we’ll do it all again next year. All results from Sunday’s event are posted on the site. Bill Norton