Speeding at Woombah

Ed, Today (29th December 2020) I am angry with the RMS. Today I nearly lost my life as I was indicating to turn into Paddymelon Road at Woombah. I had a truck behind me but because we have a passing lane from the 50km to 80 km zone, a car accelerated past both of us. If I had turned, my driver’s seat would have been T boned. I know the Woombah Residents Association has requested on many occasions for the 50km zone to be extended and the passing lane to be removed due to the danger to residents but also our wildlife have been smashed in this area. The RMS have stated that “nothing to see here”, they think it is hunky dory despite a police van ending in the kerb coming out of the street due to an accelerating car. Woombah is unusual, a population of 1,000 who live in a bushland setting that suggests nothing to see here from drivers along Iluka Road but so many residents and native animals enter the road from their pristine side roads. For 30 years, the WRA have requested the police, RMS to monitor the area and have made suggestions such as mobile car cameras to stop the speedsters through the town and extending the 50km zone. Middle Street in Woombah also has a passing lane abused by some travellers. With finally a new bitumen strip it seems sensible to reduce the danger to have a no passing lane through the main centre. Regards Iluka Road to Iluka that passes through a National Park, its beggars’ belief we have a 100km zone through this area. In the last 12 months we have seen at least five cars wrapped around trees indicating serious injuries and no doubt a death, with flowers on one corner of six that indicate a recommended speed of 85km per hour. How many deaths of humans and our wildlife- goannas, echidnas, roos, coastal emus, bush turkeys and birds are acceptable for this time saving. Every day there is an animal wiped out as everyone who uses the road knows. These decisions are made by the RMS divorced and without knowledge of our community inputs. Kerry Wilsmore, Woombah