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South Grafton Men’s Bowls

ABOVE: Best dressed Sheilas and Hobo Diane, Tim, and Rhonda. Image: Contributed.
Wednesday 17th May: Men’s social bowls afternoon. Three games of triples and one of pairs were played out in pleasant temperatures under a cloudy sky. Rink 1: M Andrews, G Taylor and L Bond d W Powell, T Newsome and D Andrews 24-13. Rink 2: C Roger, S Weber and B Kowal drew with A Rose, T Latter and G Mallison 25-all. Rink 3: D James, J Gaddy and L Perrett d B Kenny, J Flaherty and L Flaherty 24-6. Rink 4: L Andrew and W Peterson d K Fitzsimmons and M Revell 19-11. Winning rink: 3 – D James. J Gaddy. L Perrett. Lucky team: L Andrew, W Peterson. The resting toucher went to Lee Bond and the jackpot was not won. Friday 19th May: No mixed social bowls due to inclement weather Sunday 21st May: Battle of the Sexes Perfect weather and a well-running green saw six rinks of triples played out between the men, (Hobos) and the women, (Sheilas). Once again the day was a winner with a lot of good-natured ribbing and friendly rivalry between the genders. Overall Sheilas d Hobos 131 – 78. Rink 1: B Kenny, K Fitzsimmons and B Kowal d M Mulligan, M Sales and H Nichols 19-13, Hobo win. Rink 2: B Essex, G Ryan and C Kane d S Ford, P Desborough and S Weber 18-13, Sheilas win. Rink 3: B Ford, J Kowal and A Bunn d S Scott, T Dwyer and B Nichols 28-10, Sheilas win. Rink 4: D Fitzsimmons, G Cupples and D McLachlan d C Roger, T Latter and B Newman 27-7, Sheilas win. Rink 5: R Holmes, L Andrew and J Thorpe d D Allison, J Gebetsberger and M Andrew 22-19, Hobos win. Rink 6: P Allison, R Pendergast and C Nixon d B Gilbert, M Bettison and T Newsome 26-7, Sheilas win. Winning rink – 3: Betty Ford, Janet Kowal, Anna Bunn. Best dressed Hobo: Tim Newsome; best dressed Sheilas Diane Fitzsimmons and Rhonda Pendergast; competition winners T Dwyer, M Sales, S Weber, T Newsome, J Gebetsberger, J Kowal x 2, B Ford, P Allison x 2, D Allison, M Bettison, C Nixon, H Nichols, A Bunn, T Latter, K Fitzsimmons. D McLachlan