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Kingdom of the mystics… part 1

Hemingway spin their hypnotic sounds at the Pacific Hotel this Saturday night. “Make love not war,” is their message to the President of the United States. Image: Contributed.

Brothers Brad and Christian Hemingway have been making music together since they could hold an instrument … oh, and they have a “do or die” pact to make a career out of the music they love to write, which they describe as “mind melting cosmic reggae”.
The group’s song, Mystic Kingdom Pt1, uploaded in April, has enjoyed a spin or two on Triple J, too.
The group proclaims that “Astronaut Reggae is now officially ‘a thing’ with Brisbane’s Psych Dub Reggae band Hemingway”.
“Fresh from Australian and NZ tours,” their bio says, “The Hems have refined their sound in the past 12 months and are experimenting with the gods to create and inspire a new wave of beat-fiend zombies.”
Don your best camouflage trousers and top and head for the Pacific Hotel this Saturday night May 27 – and lose yourself in Hemingway’s cosmic reggae-infused jungle.