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South Grafton Men’s Bowling Club

Wednesday May 18, men’s social bowls Just five rinks today all hosting triples matches. With the Green beginning to run really well and the temperatures much kinder to outdoor activities it was a perfect afternoon for a roll up. The results of all games were as follows: Rink (1). T Townsend, T Newsome & R Cornell d N Allan, M Revell & D Andrews 25-12; Rink (2). K Fitzsimmons, J Pye & P Gillespie d J Bessant, M Ransome & N Harrison 25-7; Rink (3). M Andrews, G taylor & L Bond d D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison 21-19; Rink (4). N Wilson. L Andrew & T Latter d B Kenny, J Flaherty & J Flaherty 25-17; Rink (5). W Peterson, J Scott & M Myers d S Weber, M Vanzino & B Kowal 25-13. Winning Rink (2). K Fitzsimmons, J Pye, P Gillespie. Lucky team: N Wilson, L Andrew, T Latter. The resting toucher went to Kevin Fitzsimmons and the Jackpot was won by M Andrews, G Taylor, L Bond, D James, J Gaddy & G Mallison. Friday 20th May, Men’s mixed barefoot bowls: Four rinks of mixed social bowls, including two games of Triples one with a swinging lead and two games of pairs. The social matches were played out alongside the first two games of 2016 club championship mixed pairs. In pleasantly cool conditions on a Green that is really starting to run well the results of all games were as follows. Mixed Championship Pairs: Rink (1). L Betts & J Betts d D Fitzsimmons & K Fitzsimmons 23-19; Rink (2). M Revell & J Axon d L Perrett & L Bond 27-12. Social Rinks: Rink (4). B Kenny, R Pendergast & J Pye d R Mitchell, J Flaherty & M Marr 20-16; Rink (5). M Bettison & L Andrew d T Cameron & A O’Brien 24-10; Rink (6). J Mitchell & B Hayes d T Latter & A Bunn 19-18; Rink (7). S Scott (Swinging Lead), B Essex & P Desborough d S Scott (SL), J Mitchell & D O’Brien 17-15. Winning Rink (7). S Scott, B Essex, P Desborough. Chook end 8 – M Marr. No resting toucher today and the Jackpot win was shared between Rinks 1 and 4. Sixty club winners: J Flaherty, N Harrison, W Peterson. D McLachlan