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South Grafton Champion Fours

cvi cvi   Wednesday February 17 Men’s social bowls day. Fine if somewhat hot weather saw a reduced number of just five rinks in use today, all Triples matches. The results of all five games were as follows: Rink (1) – E Cura, J Betts & L Preston d Nathan, Clay & K Van Beek 24-22; Rink (2) – M Andrews, B Kowal & L Bond d K Fitzsimmons, J Pye & P Gillespie 24-14; Rink (3) – T Newsome, G Kilduff & W Powell d B Kenny, J Flaherty & L Flaherty 24-20; Rink (4) – M Revell, D Andrews & I Cheyne d J Bessant, N Harrison & M Ransome 18-17; Rink (5) – L Andrew, J Mitchell & A Madden d D James, M Myers & G Mallison 24-18. Winning Rink (2): M Andrews, B Kowal, L Bond. Lucky Team: E Cura. J Betts, L Preston. The resting toucher went to Mark Andrews and the jackpot was not won. Friday February 19 Men’s mixed barefoot bowls day. Once again the heat played a big part in the reduced numbers on the Green. Those who did brave the temperatures had a good afternoon; the results of all three matches played as follows: Rink (1) – R Pendergast & L Bond d B Essex & L Perrett 26-15; Rink (2) – S Scott (swinging lead), J Flaherty & A Bunn d S Scott (SL), L Andrew & B Hayes 23-13; Rink (3) – B Kenny, M Glass & J Glass drew with T Latter, M Bettison & J Pye 19 all. Chook Ends: End 8 – M Bettison; End 14 – A Bunn. Jackpot won by Rink (3) – B Kenny, M Glass, J Glass, T Latter, M Bettison, J Pye. Sunday February 21 It was all systems go with six rinks in use combining A & B Grade Singles rounds alongside the final of the Men’s Fours championships. Morning rounds: A Grade Singles: K Van Beek d P Chevalley 31-2; L Bond d P Robinson 31-28. Both games were great to watch with Lee & Peter taking it right down to the wire in their round. B Grade Singles: L Andrew d W Powell 34-8. The big game of the Men’s Club championship fours didn’t fail to impress either with the title of: 2016 SGMBC Fours Champions eventually going to J Betts, D Barker, N Harrison & M Ransome 21, defeating runners up G Mallison, G Taylor, D Andrews & I Cheyne 14. Congratulations to both teams. Afternoon rounds: A Grade Singles: G Taylor d G Kilduff 31-8; J Pye d K Van Beek 32-18; L Preston won on a forfeit over M Ransome; L Bond d E Cura 31-11; K Evans d J Betts 31-16; I Cheyne won on a forfeit over N Harrison. Well done all players. D McLachlan