So proud of your efforts

Ed, We have just spent a most exhilarating Afternoon at the Proms, showcasing the incredible wealth of talent this region has to offer. Greg Butcher, Founder and Artistic Director, has virtually single-handedly brought this diverse group of musicians together to form a truly cohesive entity. Each and every one of these volunteers (aged 13 to 89) pursuing musical excellence. What a resounding success! It was full house at the Saraton, and the audience was abuzz with anticipation. We just knew we were to be treated to a programme of the highest calibre. We were not disappointed. Comedian Anthony Ackroyd was a thoroughly entertaining MC who kept us giggling with his corny repartee. Classical music buffs were delighted with the rich orchestral tones of Elgar’s Enigma. Not to mention the world première performance of Greg Butcher’s Clarinet Concerto performed with such panache by local teacher, Peter Morgan. I was deeply moved by Lisa Butcher’s original composition, Forever You’ll Be My Guide, a heartfelt tribute to her Grandfather. The haunting melody composed by Lisa’s father Greg, lingers even as I write. It was fun to watch Dan Fahey’s antics in The Typewriter, and brought back memories of life in the typing pool. Such a rhythmically clever piece, delivered with such enthusiasm! We were over-awed by The Joyful Skeleton, especially once we realised that it was actually Greg Butcher himself playing the xylophone! How lovely it was to hum along with Cole Porter’s songs, then to join the choir with all-time favourites from The Sound of Music. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. But what a finale it was! From the Balcony we could see the entire audience waving their Aussie flags and singing their hearts out to Land of Hope and Glory. Thank you, Greg Butcher and each and every member of the Clarence Valley Orchestra & Chorus. What a wonderfully inspiring group you are. We in the Clarence Valley are so proud of your efforts! Joan Moy, South Grafton