Community News


On June 21, the CAPA Department produced ‘SMART ARTS 2018’. This was a night to show off the talents of our Junior Creative and Performing Artists. In previous years the night has been held in the open air of the quadrangle with a festival type of feel. This year it was decided to move the showcase into the School Hall and create an informal, relaxed, creative atmosphere. The response was fantastic. The performers, the artists and the audience loved the new ‘vibe’ and appreciated the intimate setting. Musicians from Years 7 – 11 entertained the audience, along with drama and dance items from students in Years 9 and 10. Art, Photography and Ceramic works from Years 7 – 10 were also on display. A massive thankyou goes to all our talented Junior Creative and Performing Artists who contributed to the night. Also a big thankyou to the staff who spent hours setting up and packing up the night.