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Severe weather impacts Clarence Valley road network

A series of extreme weather events have seriously impacted the road network leaving the Clarence Valley local government area with thousands of road defects.

An audit has shown there are 3,378 road and stormwater defects across the 10,000 square kilometre Clarence Valley region.

The Clarence Valley’s road network consists of 1,041 sealed roads extending greater than 1,136 kilometres and an unsealed road network of 441 roads greater than 1270km in length.

“The extreme weather events – which have been the highest rainfall since records began – have had a serious impact on our roads,” Clarence Valley Council Civil and Works Director Jamie Fleeting said.

“Repairing these defects is a major undertaking and we ask that the community please be patient while our road crews and operational staff continue the task of fixing the damage.

“We anticipate it could take at least 12 months to restore the road network and we have had to bring in external contractors to help us get the job done.”

Clarence Valley Acting General Manager Laura Black reiterated the plea for the community to be patient.

“The damage from these weather events has been more extreme this time around, especially as we have significantly more assets than in the last severe floods,” Ms Black said.

“We have completed many emergency repairs and continue to prioritise these works so as to reduce impacts on the community, but it does take time.

“I am very grateful for all the hard work being undertaken by our operational staff and road crews, many of whom have been undertaking back-to-back shifts to fix the damage.

“Maybe when you are out about, you can give staff a smile and a thank you, as we remember they are part of our community as well.”