Just like ‘Ground Hog Day’, Clarence Valley Council revisited the proposed Yamba Urban Bypass corridor at yesterday’s ordinary monthly meeting (after the newspaper went to press). In October 2019, CVC resolved to allocate up to $150,000 to “undertake a high-level feasibility assessment for a bypass of Yamba” and, yesterday, considered “engaging a professional services contractor to prepare a preliminary environmental assessment”, utilising the same $150,000. The Yamba Urban Bypass corridor (as tabled in 2012), from Orion Drive to Coldstream Street. Image: CVC

Why bother?


So, the fabled Yamba by-pass has resurfaced once again. My own opinion, why bother? Even at Christmas peak time travelling between Oyster Channel bridge and the CBD since the roundabouts have been completed are no big drama. By the way, thank you councillors for the good sense to give them the thumbs up so keeping the good vibes and ambience alive in Yamba instead of big ugly traffic lights.

Instead of money spent on a by-pass how about putting the money to higher the road, even if only from Oyster Bridge to Palmers Island or if the council won lotto or a government grant all the way to Harwood Bridge so we’re not an island at flood time.

Peter Bradbury, Yamba