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Schaeffer House celebrates 50 years

Our Group of Volunteers  Images: Jude Myers
Lynne Mowbray The historic Schaeffer House in Grafton celebrated its 50th year as a museum on Sunday, with a wonderful afternoon tea. The museum which was opened to the public on 30 October, 1966, is home to a massive array of history and memorabilia from all around the Clarence Valley. President Pat James said that around 20-30 people turned out for Sunday afternoons celebrations. “Despite crowd numbers being down, all our volunteers turned up and we still had a lovely time,” Miss James said. “Out of those who came and looked through, we had a few people who may be interested in helping out and volunteering. “Schaeffer House is a real treasure and a lot of Grafton people don’t realise how much we have here. “It’s a step back in time to see all the things that have been gathered in [over the years] from around the Clarence Valley. “Schaeffer House is owned by the people of Grafton and we encourage everyone in the community to come in and see this beautiful museum for themselves,” she said.
Above: Volunteer Ruth Heawood selecting from the afternoon tea traymobile
Above: Vicki Kopcikas, Annie Hackett, Robyn Schaeffer and President Pat James
Above: Bruce Wicks and President Pat James sitting at the English China display (Imbros Made by Wood & Sons on loan from Leone Roberts)