Rodeo’s good sports

Lynne Mowbray This year the Lawrence Rodeo ‘King of the River – steer riding challenge’ took on a new format. In the past, the challenge has been between upper and lower river rugby league players; this year the challenge was between local rugby and cricket players. Last year’s winner, Grafton Ghost’s Ben McLennan stirred the pot by entering a ring in, his brother in law Luke Campbell, under the guise of the Ghost’s, Mitch Wicks. The fun event which is always a crowd pleaser saw Campbell’s ride, seal the win for the rugby players.  
Images: Lynne Mowbray Main photo: Jarrad Moran – cricket.
Above: Last year’s winner, Grafton Ghosts Ben McLennan
Above: Jacob McMahon – cricket.
Above: Ring in – Luke Campbell
Above: Simon Harrison – cricket
Above:  Ring in – Luke Campbell
Above: Wayne Lentfer – cricket.
Above: Rhys Hambly – rugby.
Above: Luke Campbell – winner.