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Report it and help stop illegal dumping in your area

If rubbish such as household furniture, tyres and building materials dumped on kerbsides or in the bush in your area makes you see red, remember – you can help stop it!

Illegal dumping is a bad look, is very costly to clean up and can be a serious hazard to both the environment and human health.

Help stop illegal dumping by using a statewide initiative that enables the public to report illegal dumping incidents. Using your phone or computer, you can report illegal dumping in just a few minutes and a few easy steps.

Your report is automatically sent to council so that it can be investigated and cleaned-up as quickly as possible. On the spot fines start at $4,000 or, $15,000 for those illegally transporting or dumping asbestos.

To report illegal dumping visit or contact Clarence Valley Council on 6643 0200.

To find out more about the responsible dispose of waste and how to stop illegal dumping visit

Supported by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.