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Caption: An emu register has been launched on the Clarence Conversations website to help manage emu sightings and learn more about this elusive threatened species. Photo: S Otton.

Record emu sightings with Clarence Valley Council

Coastal emus, which only exist on the NSW North Coast, are under threat of extinction.

According to surveys conducted by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) there are fewer than 100 birds remaining.

Clarence Valley Council natural resource management project officer, Caragh Heenan, said the council was working with OEH through a NSW Environment Trust grant to deliver improved outcomes for the endangered population of coastal emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) in the Clarence.

“The funded work will include on-ground activities to address threats to emus, including fire, pest animals and barriers such as fences,” she said.

“Education material will be developed and disseminated to landowners in emu habitat areas to help protect the last remaining coastal emu population.”

Ms Heenan said the council had launched an online register of coastal emus.

“The register will help council gather data on where emus are located in the landscape to further learn about why emus prefer a particular habitat, why certain habitats contain more individuals than other similar habitats, and why emus are declining from particular areas,” she said.

“By understanding their distribution we can determine the conservation value of regional zones and further develop management guidelines for natural resources.”

The Coastal Emus in the Clarence register and story page is live and Ms Heenan encouraged people to get involved, register a sighting and leave their story.

Visit the page at to explore the register and stay posted about future emu-related news. You can also learn more about the coastal emu on the Office of Environment and Heritage website.