Reasons are a big worry

Ed, Much against my personal views that we do not want traffic lights in Yamba, for safety and acceptable traffic flow reasons, I think it is the only solution if the proposed service station is approved. The real question is how the DA submitted by Coles and obviously supported by Westlawn, both of whom would benefit financially if it was approved, has been allowed to get this far. It was particularly disturbing to read media reports that at the recent meeting of the Environment, Planning and Community Committee, Cr. Baker was quoted as saying “he didn’t feel they had heard a good enough reason to deny the application to go through to the full Council meeting”, and later used his casting vote to ensure the motion for the application did go through, was approved. I think that most of us who live in Yamba would agree that this intersection is already the busiest, and often, most congested one in the town, and is likely to become the most dangerous, with petrol tankers having to get in and out of such a tight site, also increased traffic for those wanting to get a 4 cent discount off their fuel. If Cr Baker doesn’t think these are good reasons, and I could enumerate some others, that is a big worry. Brian Holley, Yamba