Raymond Laurie Sports Centre – Sports Vacation Care forms available now

Come in and ask our friendly staff at the Raymond Laurie Sports Centre today about the sports, holiday vacation care program running for children 5-12 years of age through these summer holidays! Forms are available at the centre or can be emailed from for your convenience. Tuesday morning senior’s table tennis is played from 9am. Lyn, Kellie, Richard and Ellie all played great, with invites for more people to join in on the fun, social sport. Tuesday afternoon sees Raymond Laurie Sports Centre’s senior basketball competition. We would like to thank our friends Audrey and Luke Harradine for all their help and support with the local basketball competitions and wish them the very best of luck at Newcastle. Our first game of the night saw Yamba Bowling Club take the win over Yamba Shores Tavern, with some great layups from Courtney Smith and Audrey Harradine. Bean Scene had another good win, with great shots from Jackson Daley and Rocky Harris. Maclean Variety Meats had a close game against Watkins. Alyce Brown and Teaghan Flick played fantastic, helping Maclean Variety Meats with the win. In the final mens game Yamba Bowling Club had a win over Maclean Variety Meats. It was good to see the Matt duo back on the court, with Matty Headon and Matty Neeson! Wednesday’s at Raymond Laurie Sports Centre sees table tennis at 5pm. Donna, Gary, Tim and Paul were some of the many talented table tennis players to win games on Wednesday night. Table tennis is increasing every week, with invites to join! Thursday night sees Raymond Laurie Sports Centre’s indoor netball competition. The first game of the night saw Sam’s team play Bench Warmers in a close game. Sarah Trotman and Kira Bliss played great to help Sam’s team take the win. In the next game Huff & Puffs had a convincing win over Jess’ team with Shenia De Boer and Kathy Wicks playing fantastic! Next was broken verse Petals, Jo King and Andrea Nikas defended great, helping broken seal the win. The final game saw Jo’s team play Hayley’s team. Joanne Bridges and Brittany Many were shooting great, helping to take the win for Jo’s team. On Friday the car racing had a great turn out! Each car is looking great, with all their different alterations helping the cars with speed and agility around corners. Friday afternoon Raymond Laurie Sports centre have our junior basketball competitions. This week every one played great, it was good to see all players passing the ball around and putting up some fantastic layups!