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Rare species at Angourie Point

cvreview-imagesc   Earlier this month, volunteers from Angourie Community Coastcare planted 14 Sand Spurge’s to re-established a dwindling population of the rare and endangered species. A fence was installed to control access across the sensitive area to protect the plantings and to protect the sand covered midden from further erosion. Jeff Thomas from the NPWS sourced the plants (which were donated by the Minnie Waters nursery) and helped plant out the site choosing the best location. Our youngest member, Beatrice Webber and friends Keiko and Maddie from Byron Bay helped with the planting and fencing. “We were also fortunate to have visitors from Byron assist with the watering of the plants later in the week.” says John Webber, Angourie Heritage Walk project coordinator. Funding for the project came through a 25yr Anniversary Landcare Grant. If anyone would like to help water these rare plants over the coming weeks, please call John on 0401 532 438.