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Quality training for Marine Rescue volunteers

Capture   Iluka/Yamba Marine Rescue has joined forces with Maclean TAFE to give members access to quality training. The organisation say they are excited to announce a fantastic opportunity for Marine Rescue eligible volunteers to be trained in General Purpose Hand in a nationally accredited course. Their aim is to give volunteers the opportunity to participate in the courses with hands on experience on the Marine Rescue boat. Steve Wesener from North Coast TAFE said “We can tailor this training so volunteers can become confident, skilled rescue vessel crew. This venture is all about giving people the opportunity to participate in a great community service and/or get on our water ways in a safe and confident manner.” Peter Richards from Marine Rescue added “after a 6 months trial period, volunteers can be reimbursed for the cost of their training making training and upskilling affordable for all volunteers.” This initiative comes as part of a recruitment drive by Iluka/Yamba Marine Rescue. There are over 3,000 professionally trained volunteers who are committed to saving lives on the water in NSW. They ask you to be part of a growing, vibrant organisation providing vital safety services to the NSW boating community. “Our members come from all walks of life and there’s a job for almost everyone at their local unit, whether it’s crewing an offshore search and rescue vessel, maintaining radio communications at the base or providing the support crew needed to keep the operation afloat.” Said Frank Bond from Marine Rescue. Members must be aged 16 years or older. If you already have some boating skills, that’s great. If not, we can teach you everything you’ll need to know. The General purpose Hand course starts early October, so phone Steve Wesener on 0481 188 445 or Maclean TAFE on 6603 5000 to enrol. The cost of this course will depend on individual circumstances and concessions available in TAFE N.S.W.