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After the deluge

Pics from around my hometown of Maclean today, which has just received evacuation orders to higher ground from the SES …….

Maclean Flood photos 28.2.2022    Images: Lynne Mowbray

The Maclean Rowing Club shed.
The Clarence River rises at a boat ramp near the Maclean Court House.
The Clarence River breaks its bank at Ferry Park, Maclean.
Staff from the Fair Butcher were greeted by water frontage on Monday.


The Maclean Showground is almost swallowed by the swollen Clarence River. Image: Lynne Mowbray
Many of the streets in Maclean, were affected by local flooding on Monday.

Many of Maclean’s CBD streets were closed on Monday due to flooding.

The area between the IGA supermarket and Maclean Bowling Club was closed due to flooding on Monday
A flooded carpark in Maclean
A flooded carpark in Maclean.
Drains could not contain the amount of rain from the deluge on Monday.
Clarence Valley Council’s Maclean office was closed on Monday

Hoschkes Lane, Maclean.

Central Avenue, Maclean
Before and after the deluge