Picnic atmosphere at 400 yard Grebert Shield Shoot

With a relaxed gathering of family and friends, the Saturday 400 yard Grebert Shield shoot quickly took on a picnic shoot atmosphere. The day was warm to hot, the light was bright, the mirage was thick and the wind was fickle. Still, shooters seemed to welcome the challenge and enjoyed the afternoon’s proceedings. Quite a few took the chance to try something new, and most seemed to enjoy the variety that is available in this ever challenging sport. With the wind and mirage conditions being such as they were, scores were down somewhat on last week’s score fest, and only two “possibles” were carded on the day. Peter Nielsen shooting the T/R Optical format finished strongly to record a 50/50 with six centre V’s in his second stage, and likewise Dennis Hilton shooting the straight T/R format rolled in a 50/50 with five centre V’s on his second visit to the firing point. In the F-Class division, John Black and John Robertson continued their hard fought derby in search of the Grebert Shield. Black finished just one point in front of “Robbo” to extend the lead he had set up at the 300 yard shoot last week. This battle could go right down to the wire, with next week’s 500 yard shoot being the final stage. Although the Grebert Shield is determined strictly on off-rifle scores, the Daily Aggregate [handicap added] scores seem to be telling a different story. Top Off-Rifle honours may have gone to Dennis Hilton and Peter Nielsen in T/R, but it was Mathew Bloomer, Peter Brown and Wayne Pearson who filled the placings in the Daily Aggregate, while in F-Class, it was Kade Hilton, Tony O’Keeffe and Sue Bloomer who came out on top. Next week the shoot will be from the 500 yard mound for the third and final stage of the Grebert Shield. This competition commences at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill, and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new shooters are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe