Phil Donoghue shoots the only stage possible at 600 yards

After twelve weeks of shooting the short ranges, (300 to 500 yards), the 600 yard final stage of the Summer Cup provided the wake-up call needed to prepare shooters for the more testing 700 to 900 yard distances that will need to be dealt with in coming weeks. In hot conditions with strong mirage and a variable breeze, most scores were definitely on the low side. The only single stage “possible” [50/50] was fired by Phil Donoghue shooting in the Target Rifle division. However, falling just one short of the “lot” in each of his two stages, Nick Abrahall took out the Off-Rifle Honours in T/R, with 98/100 with a withering 13 V-Bull Centrals, while Derek Higgins walked away with the Daily Aggregate. In the F-Class division, John Black’s long run of Off-Rifle successes was looking shaky after a very modest 53/60 for his first stage, but a classic fight-back of 58/60 in the second, saw him retain his unbeaten record by just the one point from John Robertson who went on to take the Daily Aggregate, with John Bloomer in second spot. The six hundred yard shoot was the final round of the Summer Cup, and Sue Bloomer, who has been a model of consistency so far this season, managed to take out the F-Class division, despite plonking a shot on the target next door and finishing well down for the day. In the T/R division, Wayne Pearson finished at the top of the rankings by a good five and a half points shooting his T/R Optical set-up, but the straight T/R trophy went to Dennis Hilton, with Nick Abrahall close behind in second spot. Final reminder: If you have not yet got your place booked for the annual presentation dinner, you need to get your name[s] into the secretary or treasurer as soon as possible. Next week the shoot will be from the 700 yard mound for the first stage of the Captain’s Trophy monthly competition, commencing at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill, and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new members are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe