Clarence Head Longboarders first club day for 2016

cvi   On Sunday Clarence Head Longboarders held their first club day for 2016. It was a great turn out and the beautiful weather, warm water and clean surf only enhanced the already good vibe. Whilst it is usually the O’neil boys who notoriously tackle the big waves, the stand out performance of the day was from Ellie O’neil who successfully took off on one of the bomb sets. You could have thought you were at a football game with the roar from the crowd of onlookers. Ellie being fairly new to surfing showed that with a bit of practice and persistence great things can be achieved. With a strong turn out of women the boys were almost outnumbered. Neil Biddle, Jo Dimauro and Leigh Chiplin did a great job in the club kitchen feeding not only all the club but most of the visitors to the beach, while Wombat provided his usual entertainment of big moves, big wipeouts and aerial upside down displays. New members are always welcome, no experience needed. Club days are every third Sunday of the month. This month’s meet was brought forward due to the Rob West Dunga Day old surfboard rally, and Disabled Surfing event to be held next weekend February 20-21 at Minnie Water. Volunteers are welcome to this rewarding event. If you are not experienced in the water help is always welcome on the beach. Details for the weekend can be found here –