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Yamba CBD Rezoning Affordable Housing Strategy March 29 2024

Petition against 18m high Yamba rezoning

Rodney Stevens


A petition has been launched calling for council not to rezone 152 dwellings in Yamba to permit construction up to 18 metres in height as part of Clarence Valley Council’s draft Housing Strategy and draft Affordable Housing Policy.

The petition on website launched by the Yamba Community Action Network Yamba CAN Inc. demands that council not approve rezoning of the following areas:

  1. Shop top housing in Coldstream and Yamba Streets – E1 Local Centre (18m building height – 6 storeys).
  2. R3 Medium density residential – 400sqm on Yamba Hill (12m building height – 4 storeys).

Yamba CAN Inc. said the proposed rezoning locations for affordable housing in Yamba are unsuitable and unfeasible because of these reasons:

  1. Yamba is one of the highest priced areas in the Clarence Valley Local Government area (CVLGA).
  2. Dwellings sales prices are generally higher in Yamba than anywhere else in the CVLGA.
  3. Yamba’s infrastructure is currently unable to keep pace with the increasing population.
  4. Difficulties will inevitably continue to increase in relation to servicing residents, burdening the availability of goods and services, access to shops and availability of parking spaces, access to support care and medical and health treatment, access to schools and recreation and leisure facilities, risks to water supply, power outages causing health stress and food wastage, internet outages, sewer pumps failing, transport services paused, safe evacuation and potential risk to life and impacts on residents’ mental health and suffering.
  5. Yamba’s road network is unable to cope, particularly during holiday periods. Traffic flow is often impeded and congested causing increased bottlenecks due to the town’s inefficient road network and with only one road in and out of town.
  6. The proposal will increase adverse impacts on the amenity and lifestyle of residents, and this is currently, mainly due to the approved housing developments and the filling of the Yamba floodplain.
  7. None of the property owners in the two proposed rezoning areas were notified by Council.
Yamba Rezoning Affordable housing policy Ager and Harwood Streets March 29 2024

The petition requests the Mayor and Councillors of Clarence Valley ensure:

  1. Clarence Valley Council does not approve the areas in Yamba proposed for rezoning in the draft housing strategy and affordable housing policy.
  2. Council’s engagement and notification of all matters is transparent, accessible, and inclusive for all Clarence Valley Council community members.

To sign the petition visit