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Shown is the Site Masterplan. Image: contributed

Government reinforces Grafton Base Hospital commitment

Rodney Stevens


Despite commentary in the community that the $263.8 million redevelopment of Grafton Base Hospital is in jeopardy due to council’s revised flood modelling, council have received reassurance from the NSW Health Minister the funding is secure.

Cr Steve Pickering moved the council officer’s recommendation at the March 26 council meeting, which was seconded by Cr Karen Toms, that the items for information listed below be noted:

Access Committee Minutes – October 2023, Access Committee Minutes – November 2023, ARIC Meeting Minutes – December 2023, Coaldale Barretts Creek Hall Committee – January 2024, Climate Change Advisory Committee Minutes – February 2024, Water Efficiency Working Group Draft Minutes – March 2024, Correspondence from Ryan Park MP – GBH Redevelopment, and Correspondence from Kevin Hogan MP – Flood Recovery.

Cr Pickering said he moved the motion to make the community aware of a letter council received on February 20, 2024, from NSW Health Minister, Ryan Park.

“Planning for the Grafton Base Hospital redevelopment is continuing and there has been no change to the NSW Government’s $263.8 million investment commitment to improve health outcomes for Grafton and the surrounding community,” the letter says.

Cr Ian Tiley said the announcement of $263.8 million for the hospital redevelopment was announced by Brad Hazzard when he was the NSW Health Minister five years ago.

“I’m told in various circles that there’s no way that the redevelopment of that hospital will occur for that sum of money, we need a whole lot more,” he said.

“So, we need to be again lobbying government, talking quietly to the Minister for Health to make sure we get that money when we need it.

“The other thing I think we need to be following up is what’s the status of the planning.

“We had plans in place in 2015, then we had to start replanning, and I think we’re replanning at the moment…it’s a big, big issue, we desperately need a state-of-the-art hospital.”

The letter from Mr Park states “Health Infrastructure will continue to work with council on this matter, and will provide updates to council, hospital staff and the community as planning progresses.”

The motion was carried unanimously.