Peter Nielsen cracks the full “ton” at 800 yards

On a day when the conditions were reasonable for a change, shooters at the 800 yard third stage of the Easter Trophy, were more than ready to show what they could do. Nine shooters shot to or bettered their handicaps, and there were eight “possibles” carded on the day. They were shot by Luke Bloomer (50-8), Mathew Bloomer (50-6), Andrew Geary (50-6) and Ian Griffiths (50-4), in the Target Rifle division, and by John Black (60-5), and John Bloomer (60-3) in F-Class. But the shoot of the day was compiled by Peter Nielsen in the T/R Optical class, where he rolled in the double “possible” (50-7, 50-5) to top the range with the full 100/100. Although the conditions were reasonable, they were not dead easy, and so the odd shot was bound to slip outside of the bull circle. What was significant, was the high centre bull (v’s and x’s) count, and one should not overlook Nick Abrahall’s top V-count (13 V’s) even though he did not manage to come up with a possible score in either stage. The Grafton ShoppingWorld Butchery’s Off-Rifle trophies went to Mathew Bloomer in T/R who counted out his brother Luke, and Andrew Geary, all on 99/100, and to John Black in F-Class, with Nick DeBellis and John Bloomer filling the minor places. The Daily Aggregates though were a different story, with Wayne Pearson, a new recruit to the full T/R division, heading this field by two points with Peter Nielsen and Phil Donoghue in the minors, while in F-Class, Nick DeBellis topped with John Black and John Bloomer in second and third place. Members are reminded that the fourth Saturday sausage sizzle fund raiser will be on again next week during the mid-day session. So bring your appetites and your spare change along. You will not be disappointed, guaranteed. The shoot next week will be from the 900 yard mound. It will be for the fourth and final stage of the Easter Trophy, and it will also be the second stage of the Peter Picton Memorial Off-Rifle Trophy, commencing at 1pm. The range is located at 434 Trenayr Road, opposite the Koppers log mill and adjacent to the Experiment Farm. Visitors and new shooters are always welcome. Anthony O’Keeffe