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Messages of support and encouragement helped to bring some cheer to pedestrians who strolled past. Image: Emma Pritchard.

Pedestrians drawn to words of positivity

Emma Pritchard|

As numerous headlines continue to capture public attention, there was some good news to be found beneath your feet in Grafton last week.

While the artist, or artists, remain anonymous, there was plenty of positivity to be found in their work, which colourfully decorated a small section of the footpath on the corner of Bacon Street and Duke Street. Written in chalk, encouraging words and messages of hope drew the attention and interest of several pedestrians. Many of them complimented the creator for helping to brighten their day.

“I thought it was quite touching to see a few words of encouragement and some colourful drawings on the footpath,” said Grafton resident Kaylene Brewer.

“I didn’t consider it graffiti at all.

“I think a lot of people forget to look for the small things that make them smile.

“There are so many disruptions and a lot of uncertainty going on at the moment, and little things like that that you come across, almost without expecting to, they’re the things which can make you feel a bit better.

“They wrote some positive words, and that’s what everyone needs right now, so good on them.”

An anonymous chalk artist left some positive words for the
community to read in Grafton last week. Image: Emma Pritchard.