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Pedal boat fun at Yamba


The My Life – Caringa group enjoyed a day of fun out on the water with Yamba’s pedal boats last week. Image: Lynne Mowbray

The ‘My Life’ – Caringa group took to the water on Thursday last week, to enjoy the Yamba pedal boat experience.
‘My Life’ carer Adrian Baker said that they are always looking to find something different as far as activities for their clients.
“We are hoping to use the Yamba pedal boat experience more regularly, on a weekly basis,” said Mr Baker.
“Activities like this give our clients a sense of freedom and independence, which is what ‘My Life’ – Caringa strives to achieve.
“Our motto is ‘to support and empower people with a disability’.
“Activities such as this give the group a fun day out, incorporating exercise and a bit of an adventure.”