Community News

Pacific Valley Christian School

  It was wonderful to be able to provide tours of our school to several families during our Open Day last Wednesday. I continue to be thankful for the privilege that Pacific Valley and Valley Hope have in providing high quality educational options for our local community.  Families are always welcome to come in and enquire about the learning culture and facilities at any time however there will also be another Open Day and our first Year 7 Orientation Day next term. Some of the ongoing learning highlights that have occurred across the last two weeks have been another live music performance by our senior school music students along with Stage 4 TAS students beginning to produce their CO2 dragsters. Our Year 3 and 4 students had a marvellous time collecting a wide range of insects and there are some amazing artworks that are starting to be completed. Our Hope School students did an amazing job of leading some learning activities for our Junior School students. Finally, I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Blair who facilitated our Stage 6 music students attending this year’s HSC Encore performance at the Sydney Opera House. As I mentioned in the previous newsletter we are very excited about our rapidly approaching Mission Week activities that are occurring from Monday 3rd to Friday 8th of April. We are hoping that all of our families have put aside some of the evenings to come and celebrate community together.  I know that a number of our “slightly competitive” staff are eagerly anticipating the board game evening. We are also having another music and food event on the Tuesday night and an excellent information session on Wednesday night exploring the challenges of parenting. Please note that our senior school students will continue to have assessment tasks due through to the end of the term. If they are in need of extra assistance, please encourage them to speak with their teachers as soon as possible. Our aim is to enable every student to complete each of their tasks to the best of their ability. As always, if you have any questions about upcoming events please do not hesitate to contact the office. God Bless Dave Johnston Stage 5 Food Technology have been studying the role of food in different celebrations around the world. As part of their assessment they were to plan a themed birthday event and make a cake to  compliment the occasion. Here are some of the cakes they designed and decorated last week in class.