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Volunteer bus driver needed!

Osprey RSL Day Club

Are you ready? Are you set? Then lets get started. Osprey resumes this Friday 7 and we can’t wait to welcome you all back. I have missed all your smiling faces and jovial banter, so it will be fun to catch up with you all again.

The timings remain the same, so expect to see you about 9.45am for morning tea at 10am.

One thing I failed to mention last edition was the fact that there is no joining fee for membership to Osprey. It is merely the $15 each Friday which covers everything, morning tea, lunch, raffles and Bingo.

We are also seeking another volunteer bus driver who would be able to work on a roster system with our two other drivers. It would involve an hour each Friday morning collecting members from their homes and dropping them to the bowling club, and then the return journey in the afternoon at 1.45pm. If you would be interested in offering your services we would love to hear from you. Please ring Leanne on the number provided below.

Please contact Leanne for information re joining Osprey, or if requesting bus pick up; call 0413 101 518.

That’s all folks. See you Friday.

Sue Gunning