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Osprey RSL Day Club

The Osprey Club just keeps getting better and better. The camaraderie in that room is just amazing, and the genuine joy and fellowship is beyond belief. It was a super day last Friday and although we had a wee hiccup with morning tea, members were totally unaware and gas-bagged on at a rapid rate, catching up on the weekly gossip.

The quiz was a challenge, and there is still far too much cheating going on. And you lot that keep Googling the answers are in real trouble if you don’t stop doing it! No chocolates for you. The exercises were cut short, although the 10 push-ups were certainly needed to compensate for the lovely scones, jam and cream. I will not be so lenient next week. Haha.. Lunch was fantastic.

I was most impressed to see that we now have three groups of Rummikub players taking up the challenge. I told you it was a great game, and now you are hooked. With each passing week you will find solutions you never thought possible. I know it is challenging, and there is a lot to learn, but oh so worth it. Slowly, slowly, catchy mousey. And all the while you are strengthening your grey matter and passing time in the most pleasant manner. Please tell us if you really want to have a go at Rummikub and we will guide you easily through every step of the way.

The card sharps of course played euchre, and the “noisy mynas” tried to out fox each other on the Uno table. I must video that group and show them how much fun they really do have.

On Friday November 1 we are having an outdoors fun day by the bowling green, so we need you to be prepared with sun hat, sun screen, comfy shoes with flat soles, or bare feet (toe nails painted). The sun hat is be to be decorated in some way or as a Melbourne Cup masterpiece. Prizes of course will be awarded. There will be a Melbourne Cup sweep of sorts. We will be having a croquet demonstration first, then you will be able to play on the greens in groups of four. Just nice comfy clothes and a desire for something a bit different and loads of fun.

Ring Leanne on 0413 101 518 if you want to be a part of this wonderful group

Sue Gunning