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An adult male toad that didn’t get to stay at Woodford Island after Friday night. Photo: Kieran McAndrew

Cane toading at Ilarwill provides more records

Last Friday nights CVCIA Landcare cane toad expedition to Ilarwill and the north end of Woodford Island was attended by a record-breaking turn-out of 32 volunteers and it seems the toads knew someone was coming with a record low Friday night tally of 12 toads being collected.

Twenty five people came toading with CVCIA Landcare for the first time and they were all still smiling and enjoying recounting their nights adventures when the toads were counted.

Toads were spread around the three main collection zones from properties along the northern end of South Arm Rd, along Lawrence Rd and from the southern or main part of Ilarwill village.

After a notable reduction in toad numbers at Ashby and Warregah Islands last week compared to last seasons average it appears as though the combination of dry conditions, early season timing and hopefully the control work from last season are collectively suppressing toad activity and that is a good outcome for local wildlife and domestic pets that can be harmed and killed by the toxins in cane toads.

Cane toading tip – Go toading with a friend or CVCIA Landcare!

As toading is generally a nocturnal pursuit it is both important and desirable to conduct this activity with other people to stay safe, share the experience, socialise and help each other.

Coming toading with CVCIA Landcare is a fantastic introduction and education as we can show you where to look for cane toads, how to identify toads correctly so you aren’t picking up native frogs, teach you about the benefits of removing toads from the local environment, demonstrate safe methods for collecting and euthanising toads and all this with a group of dedicated and enthusiastic people who care about our local environment.

CVCIA Landcare will be gathering most Friday nights until early May at different localities around the lower Clarence Valley to pursue our goal of depleting cane toads populations and interested community members only need to keep an eye on local media or the CVCIA Landcare page on Facebook to find out where we will be each week so you can join the action.

Toading on Friday night October 25 – Micalo Island

CVCIA toading will move to Micalo Island for the third consecutive Island toading adventure this season and anyone keen to come along is most welcome and should contact Scott Lenton on phone 0477 616 210, email [email protected] or check the CVCIA Landcare Facebook page to get specific directions with volunteers meeting up about 7.30pm for a couple of hours of toading adventure.

Scott Lenton