Community News

Osprey RSL Day Club

We have made a snap decision to move our meeting on Friday August 23 from the Yamba Bowling Club to All Saints Anglican Church. The church is next door to the RSL Hall where we met for many years. It was decided that the Board Walk room was not quite suitable for our activities and that the church could offer us a cosy safe venue at short notice. I think you will all enjoy what we have planned and rest assured that you will be spoiled with a little bit of home cooking like the old days. We might not be as good as Craig but I think we can give him a run for his money. Leanne is contacting everyone who travels independently, and of course the bus will operate to and from the church as usual.

Last Friday was a challenge in the auditorium but we still managed to pull off a successful day. All the little hassles and the inconveniences of renovating will be well worth the wait, and we will have a lovely fresh venue to enjoy. Our numbers were up again last week which is so pleasing to see, and when our travellers return we will be almost bursting at the seams. I love it. The more the merrier.

Talking of being merry; what a fun time the Uno players had judging by the volume of noise and laughter!

Next week we will ensure that there are more euchre players available to make up another foursome or two. Maybe we should mix you boys up and give the girls a bit of a challenge. Yes…. definitely a good idea Sue.

OK folks. That’s it for this week. See you all at the church on Friday.

Anyone requiring information please contact Leanne on 0413 101 518.

Sue Gunning